Luxury Interiors-Luxury Interiors v4.3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Luxury Interiors


A house design and puzzle game? Try this new thing at My Home Design – Luxury Interiors. This is an amazing game where you can both challenge your thinking ability and satisfy your creativity. Come to this game to enjoy the endless fun from this rewarding game.


My Home Design is a unique puzzle game that combines design and creativity elements to give you amazing experiences in just one game. At this place, you will enjoy endless fun if you are a lover of interior design. Since its launch, the game has been extremely appreciated and has had a certain loyal fan base for this super addictive game.


To design your home to become more luxurious, the first thing you must have is money. The game depicts the truth in life. Like many others, you need to work and earn money, this is an inevitable thing in life, and this game cannot be ignored. The currency in this game is gold, and you will have to complete Match-3 puzzle games and earn gold from them. The more gold, the more you will have the opportunity to own luxury furniture to create the house of your dreams.

The Match-3 puzzles in My Home Design are quite simple, and it is completely similar to other puzzle games but somewhat easier. Of course, it also has its own rules that other puzzle games on the market do not have, so you also need to learn and get used to this interesting way of playing. Whether you’re a novice or a novice, this simple game design will get you in the game as quickly as possible. After a short while, even a few minutes, you will be able to play comfortably without any confusion.


Crystal blocks with different shapes, such as triangles, hearts, hexagons, etc., will be arranged into the cells, and you will move two adjacent tiles so that there can be three or more tiles of the same type together. Each puzzle will have different tasks, and you will play each level until that task is completed. After each puzzle you have conquered, you will receive unique rewards, gold, and other special rewards such as candy.

Each level increases, the puzzles will be more difficult, but the rewards will also be more in return. Each time you level up, you will receive rewards that are used to help you solve tricky and difficult puzzles. Tile moves will be limited, and if you still haven’t completed the task by the end of the move, you will lose a heart. You will be given a maximum of 5 hearts. If you use all of these hearts, you will have to wait until the system counts up enough time and supplies you with hearts.


Although the main element of My Home Design is to conquer puzzles, it is the second element that attracts players and gives this game a unique difference. Your creativity and your own style will shine in this game. This is absolutely a great game for beauty lovers and design lovers. Things can’t be good from the beginning, and you will be given a large, empty, lonely, and somewhat old house when you enter the game. You will conquer puzzles, and you will use the money you earn from puzzles to buy furniture.

Everything in the house will be decorated by you, from the living room, kitchen, swimming pool. So this game will give you unlimited creativity. You can choose the color you want and more. Especially, everything here is luxurious, and you will feel the class and luxury in this game. In addition, you can also welcome happy and kind guests, they will help you a lot in the future.

My Home Design is completely free, and you can play anywhere, anytime, without the internet. Designing and creating your dream home has never been so easy. You will notice that the graphics of this game are so gorgeous. It’s meticulous and detailed to every detail, which creates absolute luxury in each product. All these outstanding factors create a classy and extremely luxurious game that you cannot miss.