Anime: The Multiverse War-Anime: The Multiverse War v1.8 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Anime: The Multiverse War-Anime: The Multiverse War v1.8 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) title=

Anime: The Multiverse War


Have you ever had the ambition to fight with hunters or magicians in anime and manga? Anime: The Multiverse War is the ladder for you to achieve your wish when you come here. This is known as a 2D fighting game in real-time. Not only that but players are also transformed into more than 30 special heroes and villains. The combat mechanism has been improved to make the character’s actions faster than ever.


With the latest version, players experience impressive new features. Not to mention is the support to upgrade strength and restore the lost health is very useful. After each extremely intense survival match, the player will automatically receive 10% health. Besides, we also bring you more tournament modes to compete with many different players around the world. Not stopping there, the game also adds to the player many levels of difficulty; even extreme difficulty is also favored. In addition, the 2D graphics are an impressive point so that many players cannot leave the game until the last moment.


Players are facing characters from the most legendary anime and manga. Anime: The Multiverse War opens the door for you to enter the battlefield to fight them. It can be a mage with many fighting methods and special spells and spells that cause many problems for you. Not stopping there, this place also leads players to the world of ninja. They will give players the ultimate battle with climbing phases.

Not only that, but we also welcome you to the battle with the magicians and the Shinigamis. They do not exist in the same universe but come from many different universes, so this can be seen as a unique opportunity for players to meet and challenge legendary characters. All are gathered here and waiting for you to conquer in unforeseen battles.


Anime: The Multiverse War lets you fight your own way. In addition to unexpected characters from different universes, there are also heroic characters in the same universe. We even brought villains in particular anime that no one ever thought they would meet and oppose each other, but this place made it happen.


Along with improved movement and enhanced technique, Anime: The Multiverse War gives users lightning-fast attacks. For the first time in history, the player can control the opponent’s attacks by launching another attack of his own to them. At the same time, the extremely well-organized wars for power are opened to win the fascinating final winner, which is the motivation for you to maintain until the last moment.


We provide players with special features through special buttons. Specifically, the player can defend himself against his opponent’s attack, and you can press it to minimize the maximum damage they are about to do to you. In addition, the game also has a feature to help you perform potent combined attacks. Buttons to help you charge more energy bars are also favored. Not only that, but the jumps into the air to avoid the opponent are also highly appreciated.


Transform into fighting characters from anime and manga in different or similar universes.The easy controls have been optimized to suit the majority of players, even beginners.The energy bar fast charging formula is favored exclusively for power upgrades.Restore health after the most intense, most dangerous survival battle.2D graphics have become an impressive point in the fight against magicians, ninjas.