Steamboat Springs Colorado

On 7-12 I left Steamboat Lake for an enjoyable ride (no pushing the bike) of 33 miles to Steamboat Springs, stopping in Clark for these huge pancakes. Found a motel in Steamboat for $75 within walking distance to downtown.  Now that’s a deal in Steamboat. Steamboat has massive ski runs on the mountains that flank the town on the east and the west. It’s like Mammoth with it’s year round outdoor activities.

I toured the town using their free bus service with scheduled 1/2 hour pick ups. I spent two days here…just love this place. I was luckly that there was a mt. bike race on Wed with all age groups. Also, the Yampas River runs alongside the town with tubing a big hit. A bike paths parallels the river shaded by full grown trees. I went through my things and was able to send 8 lbs of stuff home. On 7-14 as I was heading out of town on my way to Kremmling, via the bike path, I took a photo of this fly fisherman.

I decided to ride the state highways to Kremmling, avoiding some of the nasty back “roads”. I was able to ride 54 miles with some of these miles climbing toward Gore pass the first day out of Steamboat. I camped last night off the highway with cattle standing guard. This morning, I started the day, working my way to Gore pass at 9500+ with the pesky flies in my face and biting my legs. The downhill to Kremmling was long and sweet and too fast for the flies.

I’m working on my blog in the office of this RV campground that I stayed in 2009 when riding across the U.S. IMG_2374-800x533 IMG_2417-800x533 IMG_2369-800x533IMG_2324-800x533IMG_2338-800x533IMG_2328-800x533IMG_2487-800x533IMG_2442-800x533IMG_2472-800x533

5 observations on “Steamboat Springs Colorado
  1. Garrett Matsumoto

    Your trip has its ups and downs but it sounds like you’re having a good time! I know with your vast of knowledge you’ll be fine. It’s awesome that we get to read about your adventure as it happens! (Sort of)

  2. Kristi Pytlinski

    I love Steamboat Springs as well. Took a bus from Simi with my high school and spend the week skiing there. That place has huge moguls!